Lesson Plan for Recipe for Success

Time: 8 hours

Teaching Format: Lecture, Discussion

Brief Description: This eight-hour workshop focuses on the methods and implementation of techniques to create an educational environment where a student’s success is nearly guaranteed.  We will look at admission assessment to include learning preferences, improving student prerequisites and study habits, implementing a testing and teaching style that is educational and non-threatening, and making sure to practice like you expect to perform.

CE Credits: 2 Instructional Technique, and 6 Measurement and Evaluation

Objectives: After this session, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe and implement admission evaluation.
  2. Describe and implement a method to teach effective study habits, reading for comprehension, and test taking strategies.
  3. Describe and implement progressive testing.
  4. Implement class sessions that rely less on lecture and more on scenarios and cases.
  5. Differentiate between formative and summative testing and institute a policy that encourages learning and discourages cheating.
  6. Implement an effective affective evaluation program.
  7. Describe adaptive testing and properly Incorporate this form of testing into their program.
  8. Describe internal and external validity and reliability and be prepared for an accreditation site visit.



I.          Introduction

  1. Instructor
  2. Participants
  3. Objectives

II.        Admission evaluation

  1. Learning preference
    1. What to do with this
    2. Seating charts
  2. Reading Assessment
    1. Improving reading levels
    2. Correcting dyslexia
  3. Math Assessment
  4. Test Anxiety
  5. Motivation

10 Minute Break

III.       Preparing for Class

  1. How to study
  2. How to read a textbook
  3. How to take a test

10 Minute Break

IV.       Progressive Testing

10 Minute Break

V.        Flipping the Class

 Lunch Break (1 hour)

VI.       Formative versus Summative Testing

  1. What’s the difference
  2. Policy
  3. Cheating-Why and how to minimize
  4. Against Educational Advice

VII.      Affective Evaluation

 10 Minute Break

Adaptive Testing

10 Minute Break

IX.       Validity and Reliability

  1. Policy
  2. P-Values and Difficulty
  3. Point Biserial and Discrimination
  4. KR 20

X.        Summary