Lesson Plan for The Nuts and Bolts of Meeting Accreditation Requirements

Time: 8 hrs.

Teaching Format:  Lecture and Discussion

Brief Description:  This eight-hour workshop is a must for any program director or any other individual who must prepare for accreditation.  The workshop will look at commonalities in all accreditation standards as well as look at specific nuances and requirements of each of the major accrediting bodies for Allied Health.  We will also provide insight into how to prepare for the initial accreditation as well as site visits and renewals.  Finally, we will provide methods to keep track of this in a simplified package that meets these requirements.

CE Credits: 1 Measurement and Evaluation, and 7 Educational Administration

Objectives:  After this session the participant will be able to:

  1. List at least 4 of the major Allied Health accrediting bodies.
  2. Identify the commonalities of all the accrediting bodies.
  3. Describe the nuances and specific requirements of the agencies they interact.
  4. Prepare for an initial accreditation
  5. Prepare for a reaccreditation.
  6. Have the proper materials and information available and packaged to make a site-visit painless for all.
  7. Keep track of all required information in a neat and easily accessible and reportable form.


Lesson Outline                                                                                                           

I.          Introduction

II.        Accrediting Bodies

III.       Commonalities

10 Minute Break

IV.       Specific Requirements/Nuances

  1. ABHES
  2. CoARC

10 Minute Break

V.        Preparing for your Initial Accreditation

Lunch (1 Hour)

VI.       Preparing for Reaccreditation

10 Minute Break

VII.      Preparing for the Site Visit

10 Minute Break

VIII.    Reports

10 Minute Break

IX.       Keeping Track of It All

X.        Summary/Question and Answer